A Picture for Every Month of 2015 🖼

Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. January
    I flew to New York and watched Coach K get his 1,000th win in Madison Square Garden with my best friend. Plus it was a super exciting game and we screamed our hearts out. Not to mention I got to spend a weekend in New York with my best friend.
  2. February
    Our boys won the county championship! I really loved these boys; they are a great group of leaders. As a cheerleading coach, being part of this win was fun and made me so proud of all involved.
  3. March
    Woke up one morning during spring break and decided to chop off about 10 inches of hair. I was much happier after.
  4. April
    Duke wins the national championship!
  5. May
    I attended a Google Apps for Education conference where I saw this quote. It spoke to me quite loudly.
  6. June
    My campers. I love them so much - I've been their "mom" since some of them were in 3rd grade and this year, almost all of them graduated. I can't even. Next year will not be the same without them all.
  7. July
    One of my favorite selfies ever. And this was a day I thought I was going to spend alone and it turned into an awesome day day with friends.
  8. August
    I painted for the first time ever! At least, the first time completing every step of the project on my own. And as the somewhat manic selfie indicates, I am the world's messiest painter.
  9. September
    I went back to Minnesota for my college's homecoming and my 5 year reunion. It was only the second time I've been back to campus since graduation. Here, my friend and I are re-living all the times we were nerdy front-row-sitters-who-want-to-answer-all-the-questions in this classroom, which is where all our education class were. It was a LOT of times because we were annoying.
  10. October
    More painting. Every time I independently complete another project in my house, it increases my feeling that maybe I can do this adult thing.
  11. November
    Another trip to Minnesota, this time to celebrate the upcoming wedding of a dear college friend. This weekend was one of the highlights of my year - such good fun, such good people.
  12. December
    My 7th graders raised over $800 to provide a better Christmas for other kids in their community. I wrapped all those presents, and it was 8 million hours of my life really well spent.