A Picture for Every Month of 2016

Inspired by many - and I did it last year: A Picture for Every Month of 2015 🖼
  1. January
    My lovely friend Maren's wedding. It was perfect (even though I had a concussion...). We had so much fun. The hotel was beautiful. The bride's father tried to set me up with his nephew. I played Cards against Humanity at the reception. Overall, one of my favorite weddings ever.
  2. February
    Another county championship! I'm always proud of my athletes and the ones we support.
  3. March
    My birthday! It was an excellent one. Treats from both my colleagues and my students, and a lot of love from my kiddos. I felt so loved.
  4. April
    My amazing cousin Carly got married in Houston - where she and her husband both work at NASA! 🚀 We have a small family, and it was nice for us all to be together for such a fun occasion.
  5. May
    We end the year by reading Tom Sawyer, abd we act out many of the scenes. I love this picture because it captures all four personalities so clearly: Jaxon who loves silliness more than anything, Alexa collapsed in hilarity, Chloe rolling her eyes and pretending to be over it (but actually enjoying it) and Isaac quietly indulging in the ridiculous. I miss these kiddos.
  6. June
    Knee surgery #5. It was very slow healing, but once it finally did, I felt much better since. So glad.
  7. July
    Another year of camp. I seriously cannot explain what it means to be to have been a part of this place and these people's lives for so long. I can't explain how they have changed me for the better.
  8. August
    The beginning of a new school year. Here, my kiddos are sharing about the books they're reading so that others can maybe find a new one to read.
  9. September
    We competed in an adult spelling bee. Dressed as Harry Potter characters. And WE WON. 🏆🤓
  10. October
    My favorite team Halloween costume we've ever done - the 20th century. I think we pulled it off damn well.
  11. November
  12. December
    My social life has been so much better the last two months. And that has everything to do with joining the young professional group I'm in now. This girl is one of the best new friends I've made. Here we are at the JCI holiday party, which was a blast.