1. So last week I listed about a guy I couldn't get out of my head and how I really wanted to text him.
  2. Well we had a group event last night and that ended with me in his bed.
    No actual sex was had, but plenty else was enjoyed. And oh god so much good cuddling.
  3. And then this morning he drove me to my car and kissed me goodbye....
  4. And now what?
  5. I don't want to suddenly be all clingy.
  6. I don't want to assume anything - absolutely no promises were made.
    And honestly the first move was mine. I invited myself to crash at his house. I had... designs. 😉 He jokingly accused me of being "methodical" about planning the whole thing, and he wouldn't be 100% wrong...
  7. But also, I'm seriously interested in this guy.
  8. He makes me laugh like crazy.
  9. He's really smart.
  10. He's super loyal to the people he cares about.
  11. And he hides it under a Grinch-y exterior but his heart is so damn good.
  12. So I want him to know I'm really interested.
  13. So can someone tell me the exact text to send that makes all that perfectly clear???
  14. Seriously, I'm out of my depth here.
  15. But man did I need a night of kissing and giggling and cuddling. It was basically perfect.
  16. So if nothing else, I had that.
  17. Update: I followed the sage advice of @bsizzle33 and my best friend and texted him in the evening. Just a hope he was having fun at the Christmas party he went to and a reference to something that happened last night. We exchanged a few texts back and forth over the evening.
    It was enough to give me a little hope moving forward. That and a mutual friend telling me the reasons she is convinced he's into me. Gotta love those optimistic friends.
  18. Static
    I mean. Can you blame me??