1. NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour released a special extended version of an AWESOME interview.
  2. It's Audie freaking Cornish interviewing Ta-Nehisi Coates about his experience writing the Marvel comic book Black Panther.
  3. So smart, so fun.
  4. I think my very favorite part was when they were discussing his intentional decision to portray women in a less ridiculously sexualized manner than they frequently are in comic books. Coates flat out states that he, as a man, became more aware of that problematic depiction because he sought out feminist criticism of comic books.
  5. "I cannot tell you that I arrived at this naturally. It was reading the criticism."
  6. I loved that honest moment so much. Because isn't that the dream of educated humanity? If we are constantly seeking out other people's educated thoughts and opinions, and then actually adjusting our actions? Then damn some real change can happen.
  7. Anyway. Go check it out. 30 minutes of awesomeness.