I think you can in Europe?
  1. I, however, am overwhelmed.
  2. It's the last full week of school, so that means I'm frantically trying to finish everything I need to teach, complete my evaluation portfolio, do all the end of the year things without going crazy, start a new season of cheerleading, and, oh yeah, keep the 7th graders even kind of sane.
  3. On top of that, I finally went to the doctor today for the knee pain I've been dealing with since January.
    I'm gun shy on knee problems. The last four times I went to the doctor with knee issues, I had to have surgery.
  4. So guess who's having more surgery? This girl!
  5. It's just a "small surgery" (still will have be on crutches for several days, etc) to determine if I need a big knee surgery.
    And the "big" knee surgery that's on the table is pretty big. Possible meniscus transplant.
  6. Oh, and did I mention my refrigerator decided now would be a great time to stop working?
    So I just got to throw away all the food I had I there. And somehow fit an appliance repair appointment into a week with a doctor's appointment, a staff council meeting, a cheer parent meeting, an MRI, and another doctors appointment?
  7. And there's other stuff, but I feel silly mentioning it.
    Let's just say it has to do with this.... A FEW OF THE WAYS HE'S KILLED ME
  8. So.... My venting is now over. From now on, I move forward with positivity and gratitude.
  9. I can afford to eat out while my fridge is broken.
  10. I have a financial safety net to fall back on, for help with both the fridge and the surgeries should I need it.
  11. My mom has already said she will come to Indy to help me when I have the surgery, no matter when it is.
  12. My colleagues and I are all in the same boat work-wise, and they're so supportive and helpful.
  13. In the grand scheme of health problems, knee issue are not that big of a deal.
  14. And so, the balance swings back to.... whelmed.
    Even though I'm not in Europe.