Christmas Cookies We Decorated This Year

My best friend's family gets really intense about cookie decorating. Here are some standouts from this year.
  1. The earth
  2. The Starship Enterprise
    Kind of; points for effort
  3. Bluebird
    Ornithology is also a hobby in this family
  4. An elf doing the splits
  5. Flower bouquet
  6. The mountains reflected in the water
  7. The Cheshire Cat
  8. A snail
  9. A dog with Christmas spirit
  10. A goat
    This caused much initial confusion. "Is that a stripper?!" "A reindeer head?" "IT'S A GOAT!"
  11. A stripper
    After the goat debacle, my sister wanted to rise to the challenge of actually creating a stripper cookie.
  12. And the piece de resistance....
  13. Donald Trump
    This one was declared the winner.