My best friend's family gets really intense about cookie decorating. Here are some standouts from this year.
  1. The earth
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  2. The Starship Enterprise
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    Kind of; points for effort
  3. Bluebird
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    Ornithology is also a hobby in this family
  4. An elf doing the splits
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  5. Flower bouquet
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  6. The mountains reflected in the water
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  7. The Cheshire Cat
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  8. A snail
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  9. A dog with Christmas spirit
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  10. A goat
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    This caused much initial confusion. "Is that a stripper?!" "A reindeer head?" "IT'S A GOAT!"
  11. A stripper
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    After the goat debacle, my sister wanted to rise to the challenge of actually creating a stripper cookie.
  12. And the piece de resistance....
  13. Donald Trump
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    This one was declared the winner.