Inspired by @nikole
  1. First kiss
    April 2002. 8th grade. His name was Ben. We were playing laser tag with our youth group.
  2. First time a boy shoved his hand in my bra
    April 2002. Immediately following my first kiss. 🙄
  3. First apartment
    August 2010. I moved to the middle of nowhere Kansas to take a teaching job. The town has a rental shortage, so I took the first opening I found out about and rented it sight unseen. I got lucky. It wasn't amazing, but it was a great first apartment. I lived there all 3 years I lived in Kansas. Oh, and it was CHEAP. Two bedrooms, washer and dryer, dishwasher..... $475 a month.
  4. First house
    May 2015. I bought my first house a year ago, after a very terrible rental experience. It's been mostly wonderful, though being responsible for all the repairs is sometimes a bitch. It's a cute little house and it's mine!
  5. First time falling in love
    October 2006. My college boyfriend Kyle. We met on our first day of college. He was a great first love - smart, kind, supportive. He loved video games and Chipotle. We were together for two years and there's a part of me that wonders if we would've stayed together if I had realized earlier I was dealing with depression (partly brought on by my birth control).
  6. First F
    September 2002. Freshman year of high school, biology. I immediately started sobbing. Way to make an impression at a new school, Alison! I survived that bio class, but it was rough. No more Fs on tests, though, thanks to my mom.
  7. First time getting drunk
    May 2006. Pre-graduation party at a classmate's house whose parents were gone. Played Japanese drinking games (I lived in Japan at the time) and drank very cheap gin. Surprisingly, gin remains my favorite liquor. It was honestly a pretty idyllic night, as high school parties go.
  8. First time getting REALLY drunk
    May 2009. Cinco de Mayo and Teacher's Appreciation Day coincided, so my fellow educator majors and I decided to have a big party (to be clear, it was a Wednesday. We had class the next morning). I hadn't drank much in college, but my ex was at the bar and I had to prove I was having fun. Then it continued at a friend's place where I played tequila pong and flip cup with wine. I WAS SO DRUNK. I drunk dialed a friend, threw up, went to bed, and went to class the next day.
  9. First drunk booty call (/text)
    The night of that same party. Apparently my ex (the bf I mentioned earlier) had the same idea about getting drunk. The next day after I retrieved my phone, I saw a text from him: "I'm drunk and depressed. Want to have sex?" Thank God I didn't see it until I was sober, because I probably would have gone over and that would have been bad.
  10. First student I ever kicked out of class
    2010. Eddie, who got kicked out after he said "Fuck you, bitch" to me. I actually called him into the hall first, and said "This is what I heard you say. Is that what you said?" To which he responded: "Yeah.... But I said it under my breath!"
  11. First best friend ever
    June 1989..... The one who is still my best friend now. Our families are inseparable.