1. I am a die-hard sports fan.
  2. College basketball is my #1, but I love pretty much all of them.
    Sorry, baseball. The only one I just can't do.
  3. Honestly, I'm THAT sports fan. I pay absurd amounts to have every sports channel. I schedule my social life around my team's games.
  4. I scream at the TV and talk about how "we" are playing and memorize stats and get caught up in the incredible moments.
  5. Because the thing about sports is that they result in moments of such pure joy. Watching an athlete, a team, fight for a win - it's a unique feeling, nothing like it.
    A moment like this. Kerri Strug falls on her first vault, gets hurt. With an Olympic gold medal on the line, she vaults again on a broken leg and fucking sticks the landing. And thus, the Magnificent Seven. One of the earliest sports memories of my life, and I'll never forget it or the fight she displayed.
  6. And sometimes, it's about more than a win.
  7. Sometimes, it's about winning a championship for your hometown. A city like Cleveland, and nearby Akron, that has been waiting for this for 52 years.
  8. Talk all the shit you want about LeBron. He's not perfect. But he's an incredible basketball player, and more importantly, a genuine person who truly loves his hometown.
  9. And when his team was down 3-1 against one of the greatest teams of all time, he put them on his back. He kept the fight alive.
    Yes, it would not have been possible with out Kyrie and Love and Tristan Thompson, etc, I know. But he's on a different level.
  10. And he brought Cleveland a championship.
  11. Look at what this means to him.
    This emotion was so damn real. He just collapsed in tears.
  12. Static
    2/3 of the Big 3. No chemistry problems here.
  13. Static
    Athletes crying tears of joy will never not be my favorite.
  14. And it wasn't just him. Ty Lue, a freaking rookie coach who took over mid-season a team with some chemistry issues, got them to this moment. I can't imagine what that feels like. You can't totally tell, but he was sobbing in this picture.
    Also in his interview with Doris Burke he kept shouting out his hometown in Missouri. It was adorable.
  15. And there was such great sportsmanship. Curry staying on the court to congratulate the Cavs. Green coming back on to do so as well. They were heartbroken, exhausted, but still made those loud gestures.
    I'm a teacher. Those moments of sportsmanship are EVERYTHING to me, because I know my kids notice.
  16. So, yeah. Judge me for loving "sports ball" this much, or tell me LeBron is overrated or a crybaby or whatever, I don't care.
    By the way he led BOTH teams in points. And rebounds. And assists. And steals. And blocks. Just saying.
  17. But I love sports. These moments? Nothing like it. It is joy to me. It brings people together.
  18. Have fun, Cleveland. You deserve it.
    Just don't burn the city down, okay?