1. I'm angry. Furious.
  2. Heartbroken, too.
  3. Devastated.
  4. But overwhelmingly angry.
  5. This is what WE are allowing in our country.
  6. It took a mass shooting where 100+ people were shot for me to write to my representatives in Congress.
    That's on me. It takes 10 minutes, and I couldn't be bothered to do it until today.
  7. I know that I am not the only one who is angry. I am not the only crying tears of frustration and futility.
  8. What can we do as a country to MAKE THIS STOP?
  9. I have a few thoughts, but they don't feel like answers.
  10. We can write to our reps, urging them to make changes. 80% of our country wants stricter laws. That 80% needs to be SO LOUD.
  11. We can support LGBTQ people and the organizations that support them.
    @welchcommaemma has a great list of ideas and resources: i am sad.
  12. We can speak out against Islamophobia, which once again rears its ugly head in the wake of this tragedy.
  13. We can hold our representatives to a higher standard, and make that known through our votes.
    On every level: local, state, national.
  14. We can make sure Donald Trump is not elected President.
  15. We can amplify voices of LOVE. Of sanity. Or support. The stories of people who are helping.
  16. But I can do all that, and still be angry. Because these tragedies deserve my anger.
  17. I hope you are angry, too. And I hope you use your anger Iike I am trying to use mine.
  18. ❤️💛💚💙💜