Possible emoji-related spoiler hints?
  1. We watched Stranger Things together, which was fun, so then I suggested VM.
  2. He's heard good things, so he was up for it.
  3. We're 4 episodes in, and he's really liking it, because he is a sane person with taste.
  4. So tonight I asked him who he thought killed Lilly, after four episodes.
  5. His thoughts:
  6. "You only have 8 characters who could have done it: Veronica. Mr. Mars. Mrs. Mars. Mr. Kane. Mrs. Kane. Duncan. Logan. Weevil."
  7. "The killer won't be someone they introduce randomly 6 episodes in."
  8. He proceeded to eliminate Veronica and Keith.
  9. His two theories:
  10. 1. Duncan, and his parents are covering it up.
  11. 2. Lianne Mars, and Jake Kane is helping her cover it up to hide an affair.
  12. It is taking so much effort to keep my face from revealing anything as he's talking all this out.
  13. I just love this show so much and it's really fun exposing someone else to it and watching them get hooked into the mystery.
  14. Giphy