1. Tonight was kind of rough. I was not in a stellar place, emotionally.
  2. My kiddos began their first round of standardized testing, which is a just big thing.... Bigger for me than than them, in many ways.
  3. Plus some stupid, but real, self-doubt issues.
    Triggered by online dating apps and an upcoming birthday. 🎉😕
  4. But I turned on the TV, and there it was. Exactly what I needed: Sister Act 2!
  5. You wanna be somebody?
  6. You wanna go somewhere?
  7. You better wake up and pay attention.
  8. Seriously, you can't feel sorry for yourself when they're singing "Oh Happy Day."
    PS this gif is literally my favorite moment in the entire movie.
  9. And I've sung that song, at one of my favorite places in the world, and I can remember what that place and that love and confidence feel like.
  10. So thank you, Sister Mary Clarence. I am waking up and paying attention.