Last 10 things I bought on Amazon

Inspired by @NickKennedy
  1. Halloween costume
    My work team was "the 20th century". I was the 50s.
  2. More Halloween costume
    Can't be 50s without a poofy skirt.
  3. Part of a care package for a friend who had surgery.
    Paid for one day shipping; it took two days to arrive. I was angry.
  4. And the teaching stuff begins: we use these to hang above our doors with our Star Student names.
  5. Presentation controller since my old one died
    His name is Mr. Clicky.
  6. New desk organizer because I know how to party.
  7. My favorite pencils, restocked for the beginning of the year.
    I was able to give a friend a sparkly purple one when she was having a bad day at work and it was awesome.
  8. Laminating pouches
    Because of course I have my own laminator in my classroom
  9. Giant whiteboard eraser
    This thing is the bomb. It's so big.
  10. And not for school (ostensibly...): #Hamiltome
    Though I've already loaned it to a few students 🤓
  11. So, in conclusion, teaching gets expensive.