After a two week spring break, today was primed for a tough re-entry. But honestly, it's been a pretty great day. Here add some things I'm grateful for today.
  1. I really like the people I work with.
    And I missed them after two weeks away! Most people here are compassionate, funny people who care about their co-workers. It was nice to catch up.
  2. I really like my students.
    And I missed them, too! We talked about television today (75% of my kids have a tv in their rooms 😧) and it was really fun to connect with them on tv shows (Chicago Fire is a winner, apparently...) and watch them be nostalgic for kids tv of their youth.
  3. My schedule is really nicely set up.
    I teach 4 classes, have a 30 minute lunch break, then I teach 1 more (which is different from my first four, so I can prep at lunch), and then I'm done. Afternoon prep is pretty fantastic.
  4. A favorite colleague is back from medical leave, and healthy!!
    She had to have surgery to remove a tumor, and it hadn't spread. I am so grateful!
  5. Foreign Language Placement Test
    Even when I like my job, it's nice to have an easy way to ease back in. Enter: the FLPT. Multiple choice test, not for a grade, takes about 1/2 of a class period. Nice for me. 😎
  6. The Scantron machine
    To grade those placement tests!
  7. Increased water consumption
    I drink so much more water when I'm teaching. I'm looking forward to getting my hydration back on track.
  8. Positive words and supprt
    Last time I listed, I was in a pretty dark place anxiety wise. Thanks to all who were sending good thoughts and vibes and such, particularly @RichardGoodman @lillie_dodd @slg710 and @betch .... I didn't get my responding act together because I was sort of a mess but your comments and positivity were so appreciated.
  9. My bed
    It was a good day but oh my god it's only 4:40 and I'm pretty sure I could sleep for 10 hours straight.