My Bookshelves

  1. There's a lot of of shit in my life that I don't have figured out, but my bookshelves are organized and bring me joy.
  2. The ListApp community seems like the kind of place that would appreciate that.
  3. My main shelves
  4. Over the last 4 moves, a happy system has developed
  5. Series go together, duh.
    Of the hardback or non-traditional-size paperback variety
  6. More series, and other fantasy books in hardcover, organized by author
  7. A few other series, and randoms that are still "fun" reading
    If you love books and haven't read the Thursday Next novels by Jasper Fforde, do yourself a favor and go read them ASAP.
  8. The more highbrow things - more Literature with a capital L
    Many originally purchased for college English courses
  9. Large books
    Love my Norton anthologies! And two collected works of Jane Austen... Despite the fact that I own stand alone copies of most of her works.
  10. Non-fiction
    Teaching books, and other assorted non-fiction
  11. Regency romances ❤️
    I basically stole my mom's entire Georgette Heyer collection.
  12. YA books
    I obviously have a substantial classroom library, but these are some of the ones that are most special to me, so they're in my personal collection
  13. More Literature
    These shelves are actually side-by-side; it's very visually satisfying.
  14. Then there's my other shelf, which is one of approximately 5 pieces of furniture in my house not from IKEA
  15. It's a genius piece purchased in Japan
    The half-wide piece slides back and forth - so it's really 1.5. bookshelves. I love it so much. God bless the Japanese. ❤️🇯🇵
  16. The half shelf is basically all my paperback series
    Can't fit them all in one photo, but they bring me joy
  17. And the back shelf is the least organized, but is where I stash all my non-Regency romance novels.... And even more paper back series
    So I like to read a little Nora Roberts now and then; nothing wrong with that.
  18. With the shelf moved
    I'm telling you, it's GENIUS
  19. And those are my bookshelves
  20. And if you were thinking "Well, that doesn't actually seem like that many books"....
  21. I've primarily been a Kindle reader for the last 6 years, so I luckily don't have to worry abut organizing that very large collection
  22. But many of these books have shaped me as a person, and a reader, and a teacher
  23. And seeing them on my shelves (and re-reading them) brings me joy every single day