Football is very problematic. I get this. But I still watch it, at least until college basketball begins.
  1. An ode to my favorite NFL player: Pat McAfee
  2. The Colts' punter!
    He's one of the best, if not THE best, punter in the league.
  3. But that's not all of why I adore him. Other reasons include:
  4. 1. He was a high school soccer player, and when he realized he wasn't good enough to go D1/pro, he wanted to get into kicking. He got an invite to a big kicking camp in Florida, but he couldn't afford to go...
  5. So he told his parents he was sleeping over at a friend's, snuck into an illegal back room poker game, and won enough money to go to the camp.
    He ended up getting recruited by WVU where he was their punter AND kicker, and holds various school records.
  6. 2. He has a "side job" as a stand up comedian, and is apparently really good. Many of his shows raise money for charity, like the show he threw together in the last week where 100% of the proceeds will go to tornado disaster relief in Kokomo, Indiana. He also supports lots of veterans' charities.
    Plus he has a comedy podcast and is a frequent guest on Bob and Tom.
  7. 3. He seems like an awesome teammate. He is constantly talking on social media and interviews about his love and respect for Adam Vinatieri, the Colts' kicker, who is a future HOFer and the oldest player in the NFL.
    Pat always says it's an honor to "hold his balls." 😂😂
  8. 4. He is the Colts' emergency QB, a fact I and many Colts players find hilarious.
    But they also say he's got a good arm and is athletic enough to be good.
  9. 5. Every piece I've read on him, every interview I've read, talks about how smart he is. He has post-NFL plans, and he's going to do good things with his life and money.
  10. 6. One time he got drunk and fell in the canal downtown.
    His mugshot. But also, that's his only "scandal". And it's freaking hilarious.
  11. So that, my friends, is my Pat McAfee is #1 on his jersey and #1 in my heart. 💙💙💙
  12. Honorable mention: Luke Kuechly. Because HAWT.