Names in our Family Game of Celebrity Last Night

It's my favorite game, and we play every Christmas. It got a little ridiculous this year, though. My family is just a bit nerdy.
  1. Pliny the Elder
  2. Emma Peel
  3. Alfred the Great
  4. Mark Spitz
  5. Mercedes Lackey
  6. Francis Crick
  7. Herman Goering
  8. Groucho Marx
  9. St. Jerome
  10. Hadrian
  11. General Longstreet
  12. Sir Walter Raleigh
  13. Gates McFadden
  14. Alan Shepherd
  15. Lavar Burton
  16. Horatio Hornblower
  17. Calvin
  18. Hobbes
  19. Calvin's Dad
  20. Yeah. This is why I'm afraid to bring a boy home, guys. We're kind of intense.