A classic list, but it's so powerful to articulate your goals.
  1. Go on a date.
    It's been more than two years since I last went on a date. I'm tired of being single. But I also can't keep waiting for the universe to drop a tall, intelligent, sophisticated-ish man into my lap. Gotta put in some work.
  2. Cook.
    I hate cooking. And cooking for one is sad, sometimes. But I think I'll like it more if I'm better at it, and it's so much healthier.
  3. Reduce my soda consumption.
    I'm not going to give it up (at least not yet) because I teach 13 year olds all day and then coach them after school. Miss O needs her caffeine/sugar fix occasionally to survive. But I don't need a Diet Coke every day.
  4. Embrace the positive.
    I work in an environment that can be overflowing with negativity at times, and it can really really get to me. But there are also fantastic people with loud voices of positivity, and I need to surround myself with those people so I can be one.
  5. Let the negativity roll off me.
    And when I can't avoid the negative people, because sometimes I can't, I need to let it roll right off my back, not absorb it as knots of tension in my shoulders.