Pop Culture Art I'm Considering Purchasing

I'm creating a shelving arrangement around my tv and I want to fill it with awesome pop culture art. Here are some favorites from Etsy.
  1. Hamilton related art
  2. Store: Crashboomlove
  3. Store: Crashboomlove
    I also think this would be darling in a nursery.
  4. Store: Crashboomlove
  5. Store: LyricWall
  6. Store: TheBoredStitcher
    I think these are my favorite lines from the whole show.
  7. Harry Potter related prints
  8. Store: Vera Alice
  9. Store: cholulo
  10. Store: MMPaperCo
    Bonus - this sort of fits with the color scheme I'm thinking of for the whole downstairs!
  11. Store: Pins for Paws
  12. Store: AmberInks
    There's tons of Marauder's Map art on Etsy; I love the simplicity of this one.
  13. Parks and Rec themed art
  14. Store: kelleycunminsdesign
    The Snake Juice episode ("The Fight") is my very favorite episode of P&R.
  15. Store: ScreenZups
    I may actually hang this one in my kitchen.
  16. Store: Bitchy Kitsch
    It's so cute! Also that's a great name for an Etsy store.
  17. Store: Fancy Prints for Home
  18. Store: Blessed Type
    Obviously another popular theme. Love this one.
  19. Store: Eva Marie Made
  20. Store: HommeSurLaLune
    Li'l Sebastian 💖
  21. Assorted other pop culture art
  22. Store: Snow and Co
    Can't you just hear Leo reciting this speech (and Toby interrupting him?)
  23. Store: Operation Pumpkin
    I wish there was more awesome Buffy stuff, though I've not looked as long. Love this piece though.
  24. Store: GenuineDesignCo
    I love the Gilmore Girls theme song.
  25. Store: Turn and Twist
    I love this so much.
  26. There's so much awesome stuff out there! It's been a slow process making my home truly feel like mine; I feel like adding some of these will go a long way to help that.