As evidenced by this year's Christmas gifts.
  1. This t-shirt
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    I love a good grammar joke.
  2. Quotation mark earrings
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    I'm obsessed with these and can't wait to wear them to school. (Excuse the terrible photo; the earrings were surprisingly hard to photograph)
  3. Duke basketball magnetic board
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    I'm a die hard fan. Not to mention I love making reminder lists; now I have an awesome place to display them.
  4. Snowflake ornament
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    Snowflakes are basically my favorite thing (except maybe Duke basketball). This will add delightfully to my collection of snowflake ornaments.
  5. "Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?" for my niece and nephew
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    This was by far my favorite book as a child. My niece and nephew have requested it be read them approximately 8,354 times since they received it yesterday. Everyone else is probably sick of reading it already. I am not. I am so filled with joy to see them loving it so much.
  6. Bonus: a picture of my grandmother reading Jesse Bear to me when I was little
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    Look at the rapt attention on my face.
  7. Most importantly: this incredible afghan my mom knitted me.
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    I've been begging for it for years. She finally gave in. It took her forever to make (and this from a woman who made my niece a sweater in a week). It is soft and beautiful and warm and such a visible symbol of love.
  8. Basically: my family is great.
    Even when they are driving me bonkers.