1. I was SO excited to pick up my Secret Santa gift today - they tried to drop it off Saturday when I wasn't home so I had to sign for it and pick it up today.
  2. Today was a bit of a day.
  3. But wow, this beautiful collection of lovely things just totally made my day a million times better!!!
  4. You guys, my Secret Santa is @readjulia — that's so exciting!!! I love her US weekly lists so much.
  5. And her note was just the loveliest, kindest thing. I can't even. It just made my heart grow three sizes!
  6. So what amazing goodies did she give me?
  7. Reese's Trees! These are my absolute favorite, and you were so generous! I can't wait to dig in.
  8. Yummy hot cocoa! S'mores hot cocoa? Vanilla bean? I can't wait.
  9. Milk chocolate with speculoos? I'm so excited to try this!
  10. Pocky, which is such a great reminder of my amazing years in Japan.
  11. Some absolutely lovely soap and lip balm!
    PS I needed lip balm SO BADLY. Julia, you are a mind reader!!!
  12. This adorable note pad!
    This is so perfect and useful - I'm always writing notes and reminders and short lists.
  13. Snow flake ornaments!!! 💙💙💙
    How gorgeous are these?
  14. More snowflakes! I love them all so much.
    And no, you definitely did not go overboard!! In fact, these will allow me to make one of my dreams a reality next year - a second Christmas tree decorated only in snowflakes.
  15. Christmas crackers!!!
    I love that you shared this part of your heritage with me. Don't worry, I'll absolutely be sharing these with my most favorite people in Christmas Day, and they are going to love them! This means so much to me.
  16. And oh my gosh. This Colts hat? She KNITTED IT FOR ME!!! I am in awe. It's so soft and the logo and colors are just perfect!!! I will absolutely treasure this.
  17. And finally, a MOUSE RAT T SHIRT!!!
    I have wanted of these for so long, but never purchased one. This is just perfection. I may never take it off. (And no worries about the size, it's exactly right!)
  18. You guys, I feel so utterly spoiled. @readjulia You blew me away. Your generosity is something special.
  19. I am taking your reminders from your letter to heart, and I promise I'll send you a message as promised. 😊
  20. And @DawnCloud you organized such a beautiful thing. You made so many people so incredibly happy. Thank you so much!!
  21. I'm going to bask in the love now and eat some Reese's trees!!