The Best Art in My Parents' House

My parents have a lot of quality art. I took advantage of a trip home this weekend to list about it.
  1. Charley Harper
    A famous local artist, mostly birds. He has a distinctive, beautiful style.
  2. Japanese prints
    We have many, a reminder of the 4 years my family lived in Kobe, Japan. This is one of my favorites.
  3. Another Japanese print
    I just love the yellow.
  4. The Monopoly board
    What looks at first like a framed board is in fact a handmade art work - my mom cross-stitched it.
  5. Close up!
    It was done almost entirely in the waiting rooms of orthodontists, in the years my sister and I had braces.
  6. Venetian mask
    Purchased on their recent trip to Venice, celebrating my dad's retirement.
  7. The red trees
    These are all in my dad's basement bar area (which we lovingly refer to as The Red Tree Cocktail Lounge). I love how they work together.
  8. My favorite of the red trees
    Yet another Japanese print
  9. A beautiful Japanese-style quilt, made by my mother
    My dad misses Japan a lot, and loves asymmetrical quilts. My mom made this for him, and it hung in his office until he retired.
  10. Antique cocktail print
    My parents found it in a local antique store. Just so different and cool.
  11. The dancers
    We were in San Francisco when I saw this in a gallery window. It stopped me in my tracks. I showed it to my parents, who loved it just as much. It is just arresting in person.
  12. The JFK carving
    This was originally my grandfather's. The family story, possibly hyperbolic, is that he was having one of his dinner parties and there was a guest who worked for the Kennedy Library. He tried to buy the carving, but my grandfather wouldn't sell. But he did share the name of the artist, who made a second one for the library. So we claim that the copy is in the Kennedy Library, but the original is in a basement in Ohio.
  13. Nessie
    There's a lot of stuff in this curio cabinet (my mom used to collect the Swarovski animals) but Nessie is definitely my favorite. My mom's, too. She stopped collecting after that because Nessie couldn't be topped.
  14. The Obama poster
    Not fancy art, but still cool. My parents live in a very conservative area (John Boehner's former district). But they are staunch Democrats, who volunteered for Obama's campaigns.
  15. The nerdiest thing EVER
    Can you decipher the Morse code?
  16. Here's a hint....
    That's right. It says "Beam me up, Scotty" in Morse Code. So nerdy, and I effing love it.