1. Noises.
  2. Oh my god the noises
  3. There's this noise in my bedroom and I can't identify it and I'm basically having an anxiety attack...
  4. There have been tears. Because of a noise.
  5. And if I hear it one more time I'm sleeping in the guest room.
  6. I like not having a roommate but when I hear any noise at night, when I'm here alone (which is always), my brain can ONLY go to catastrophe zone.
  7. Either someone is going to break into my house and kill or my house is going to flood/burn down/crash to the ground/etc
    That last one sounds ridiculous but it is a legitimate thought I have on a regular basis.
  8. So I'm using the white noise app and praying tonight.
  9. I haven't heard the noise in the whole time I've been writing this list, so that's a good sign.
    I've heard others, ones I'm more used, and each one is causing my heart to race.
  10. *deep breathing*
  11. Anxiety is fun, friends.