1. I've listed a few times in the past six months or so about the mental health issues I've been struggling with.
  2. In the wake of the election, I knew I finally had to face it head on.
  3. I got back on meds and resolved to start therapy.
  4. Well, I had my first appointment last week.
  5. I didn't research my therapist really - I get 6 free appointments a year through my insurance, so it was whoever they put me with.
  6. I just didn't get a great vibe. Her third question to me was "What faith were you raised in?" That seemed a bit presumptive and irrelevant, honestly. I'm there to talk about my anxiety.
  7. And there were a few other references to religion.
  8. And she seemed a little too surprised every time I said something informed or intelligent.
    I'm not dumb, ma'am. I'm actually pretty damn smart.
  9. But I also only met with her once and I was in a not great mental state.
  10. I can ask her not to bring up the religion stuff, if she does it again.
    My friend who is a therapist wanted to look her up and her bio says she is a Christian family therapist. 😕
  11. She can stop being surprised that I'm smart.
  12. So I decided to stick with it. I get 6 free appointments, and I like free.
  13. My schedule is nuts this time of year because I coach, so we had to schedule my next appointment for 8:00 PM tonight.
  14. I show up at 7:55.
  15. I can get into the building, but the door to the counseling office was locked.
  16. It didn't look like there were lights on.
  17. So I'm sitting in an empty building.
  18. I waited until 8:10.
  19. And then I got the fuck out of there.
  20. So yeah, we're off to a fantastic beginning with therapy here, folks.
  21. Please tell it'll get better.
  22. Also, how long before I should feel ANY effects from the meds?
  23. Seriously, I could use a pep talk if anyone has one to give.
  24. Because right now I feel like I'm never going to feel okay again.