Look for Part 2, Serious Edition, coming soon
  1. Blowing shit up for fun
    I find fireworks terrifying. My neighbors have been setting them off (and not small ones) all week. I legitimately don't get the appeal.
  2. Embarrassment humor
    Why is it funny to watch someone be miserable, uncomfortable, and/or awkward?
  3. Not reading
    Some people just don't read anything, ever. No news.... No magazines... No fiction or non-fiction.... I just don't understand, and it makes me so sad.
  4. Pickle fanatics
    Y'all, pickles are gross. I'm just saying.
  5. Snapchat
    I'm glad it brings so many people joy! But it's not my thing.
  6. How NBC's gymnastics coverage can be so bad
    This got some coverage on NPR this week; that's how bad it is. It's fawning and condescending and poorly edited and just bad. They figured out figure skating commentating (Tara+Johnny+Terry forever!), after a long time.... Can't they figure this out, too?