1. People who won't admit that we have a SERIOUS race problem in our country
  2. People who think a transgender woman in the restroom is a danger to me or any other female
    Sorry folks; I'm more scared of the Baylor football team.
  3. People who think sexual assault is the victim's fault
    Don't care what the fuck you were or weren't wearing or drinking; the absence of a yes is a NO
  4. People who think that the Black Lives Matter movement is a statement saying that other lives don't matter
    It's a statement that we need to change our country so that black lives matter as much as white ones. (I didn't say that well; I hope my point is clear, and here, I like to think it is)
  5. Living in debt, but only because I am absurdly lucky, and I try every day to be cognizant of that
    The fact that I have a college degree and no debt is not the norm, and I know how worried my 7th graders already are. Something has to change.
  6. How hard it is to be a teenager now
    It's always been hard, but I honestly believe social media and technology make it harder, and I have so much compassion for my kids just trying their best to grow up okay
  7. How hard it is to be a person of color
  8. How hard it is to be a person who doesn't identify as straight
  9. How hard it is to be a person who isn't cisgendered
  10. How hard it is to be a person who is disabled
  11. There's so much I'm trying to understand, and weeks like this make it harder. But I've learned a lot from li.st, and I'm hopefully to continue my learning and understanding.
  12. So thanks.
  13. And thanks to all the people who don't understand the things that can't be understood right alongside me.