Things I Have Strong Opinions About

  1. IKEA
    I'm very pro. I basically live in an IKEA showroom.
  2. Procter & Gamble products
    Crest, Dawn, Tide, Cascade.... I'm way loyal. My mom worked there for 25+ years, and while I know the company isn't perfect, I'm still a bit brainwashed. Pictured: my best friend and I posing in front of a giant inflatable Crest at the annual event where the company rents out an entire amusement park for a weekend for the employees.
  3. Pepsi
    Trash. No point in wasting calories on it. Coke all the way.
  4. Donald Trump, obviously.
    His general existence and continued prominence is so offensive to me. Hopefully to others as well.
  5. Cocktails
    My friends are all craft beer nerds, but I adore a quality cocktail. No Applebee's daiquiris for this girl anymore. Credit goes to my father, whose personal bar is pictured.
  6. College basketball
    A huge passion. I have strong opinions, particularly on coaches, and will share them with basically anyone who will listen. Also, yes, Grayson Allen DOES look like the paper clip.
  7. The state of education in America
    The achievement gap is real. We are losing teachers in droves. Students are ridiculously over tested. The scores of those tests are overweighted. It's a huge mess, and too many of people who haven't been in a classroom in 30 years (and never as a teacher) are trying to "fix it."
  8. Figure skating
    POLINA EDMUNDS WAS ROBBED LAST NIGHT. Gracie Gold and Ashley Wagner are both very annoying. Max Aaron has so much potential and I desperately want to see him break through! Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir (and Terry Gannon) are the best thing that ever happened to commentating. I HAVE SO MANY THOUGHTS AND NO ONE TO SHARE THEM WITH.