Hint: Not actually much.
  1. Went for a long walk with a good friend
    We worked in the same building for 3 years but now she got a new job, so it's nice to get together and exchange all our work gossip while getting exercise haha.
  2. Bought Cursed Child⚡️
    My best friend was sort of appalled when I told her on Tuesday I hadn't read it yet. I promised her I'd read it this weekend.
  3. Read Cursed Child⚡️
    I'm still thinking about it, but mostly my reaction is ambivalent.
  4. Watched a shit-ton of Olympics
    Rugby, beach volleyball, vollreyball, equestrian for a hot second, lots of gymnastics (EFFING POMMEL HORSE), getting ready for some simultaneous soccer/volleyball.... I take this seriously. 😳
  5. Texted my dad to warn him about the bad gymnastics injury
    He hates watching people get hurt, and there was a bad injury to a French gymnast on vault (badly broken leg). I always warn him about those so he can avoid videos. Good daughter points.
  6. Literally nothing else
    Just ordered wings delivered. Nothing but more Olympics on the docket for tonight. It's fine, I was social last night and this morning.