Inspired by @macnchz and others!
  1. Physical book or ebook?
    E-book 90% of the time! It's so portable, and so convenient. Also my mom and I live in different cities, and share a Kindle account, so we get to share books! Not to mention how crazy convenient e-libraries are when it's 1 AM and I need a new book ASAP (happens a lot to me). Finally, I am a voracious reader, and now I can own all these books and not run out of space in my house!
  2. Audio book or book in hand?
    Definitely book in hand. I think I've listened to exactly 1 audiobook ever. But I may do the HP ones if I actually do my summer road trip this year.
  3. Paperback or hardcover?
    Paperback. I hate dust jackets, plus they fit better in my purse.
  4. Adult or young adult?
    I'd like to say both...... But probably young adult. I mean, I do teach 7th grade language arts!
  5. Series or standalone?
    Series. So few YA books are standalones, or fantasy/sci-fi. That's most of what I read. I do love getting sucked into a series re-read, like I'm in the middle of right now!
  6. Dog ears or bookmarks?
    Neither. If I'm reading a "dead tree" book (a family term, because we're strange), I usually just memorize my page number. Is that weird?
  7. Bookstore or online?
    I buy most of my books online, but I like browsing bookstores. But since I mostly read on my Kindle, Amazon is everything.
  8. Fiction or non fiction?
    Definitely fiction. I read almost no non-fiction, something I am always thinking I should do more of. But I never do.
  9. Monster size or short and sweet?
    Anything good! I am a crazy fast redder though so short books don't last me as long.
  10. Starry eyed romance or action packed?
    I love a good romance! 😍
  11. Curl up inside or bathe in the sun?
    Definitely prefer inside, but that's just my weirdo personality.