I really like television, you guys.
  1. This Is Us
    The pilot was mostly interesting for the twist at the end. It seems well acted, and I'm curious where the show will head. But I don't have a sense of what it's trying to be yet. I will say - even knowing there was a twist, I was still surprised by what it was.
  2. Pitch
    I liked this a lot. There were good supporting characters, which I think is essential for this kind of show. I like that Ginny seems to have realistic reactions - she seems authentic to me. Also I totally choked up at the tiny girl holding up the "I'm Next" sign.
  3. The Good Place
    I mean. Kristen Bell. Mike Schur. I am loving this show so far. Plus I've already seen 3 episodes, which is great. They've proven they're going to move quickly, and mix plot with humor really well. Bell is perfect for this role, plus I love her "soulmate" Chidi.
  4. Notorious
    It's Shonda-lite, but who cares? I am here for Daniel Sunjata. And Piper Perabo worked way better in this role than expected (I could never buy her as a spy in Covert Affairs). I'm in for now.
  5. I recorded MacGyver but don't know if I'll watch. It looks pretty terrible. Plus I can only think of Lucas Till as the guy from the Taylor Swift video.
  6. Haven't watched Designated Survivor. I might do that on demand this weekend; we'll see.
  7. What are y'all's thoughts? What did I miss from this week? I love talking tv with people!