1. I know there are people who get angry when the Christmas stuff comes out en masse on November 1st.
  2. But I am not one of those people.
  3. I welcome it.
  4. Here's why:
  5. I love Christmas. I like the "commercial" side: the colors, the lights, the decorations, the music.
  6. I particularly love snowflake decor - to me, snowflakes represent unique beauty, as well as a holiday I love and a time of year (winter) that I look forward to all year.
  7. I'm an anxious person. But I find great joy and calm in walking through Christmas sections, admiring the beautiful decorations and ornaments.
  8. "All is calm, all is bright" is like a mantra for me. I like seeing the phrase on pretty stuff.
  9. But also....
  10. I love Christmas stuff for the memories it brings, the emotions it reminds me of.
  11. Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. I love our easy, family traditions. I love that it's the one time all year everyone is home. I love that we've created an annual celebration that's not stressful.
  12. So when Christmas stuff comes out, it makes me happy, because I love what's to come.
  13. Be annoyed at it, if you want to be. But why? Who is it hurting? No one.
  14. And this year, I really need the joy.
  15. (That being said: the tree itself does not go up until after Thanksgiving. Even a Christmas lover like me has to draw the line SOMEWHERE.)