It was a rough week. Emotional turmoil, concussion, cold weather. But bring on the long weekend!
  1. I'm currently flying to Minnesota, one of my favorites places in the US
    And there are only 60 people on a plane that seats 175. Yay elbow room!
  2. Tonight I'm crashing with my friend Alice and tomorrow morning we're going to get breakfast at a "hole-in-the-wall" restaurant which is the best kind
    And we're probably going to talk a lot about our feelings and I really need someone to do that with
  3. And on Saturday evening, the MAIN EVENT
  4. One of my favorite people ever, college friend supreme Maren, is getting married and it's going to be ah-mahzing
    Vintage hotel, amazing people, lots of dancing, nothing could be better
  5. And on Sunday I get to see even more friends when I move on to crashing with Chris and Andrea
    A visit that will involve a baptism, an NBA game, and probably lots of talk about books and school, so basically all awesome things
  6. And then I'll fly back home to Indy, and it's always great to love the place you're visiting, but also love your home.
  7. So yes, this weekend is going to be great. And I am so damn ready for it!