I've been stocking up like crazy in the past two weeks.
  1. After a bad day when I was worried I re-injured my knee (but I didn't, yay!), I hit up Barnes and Noble for some retail therapy:
  2. Mechanica
    A Cinderella re-telling where she's a badass inventor. I love Cinderella retellings that give her agency! Some steampunk vibes, some magic. It reminded me of my beloved Cinder. Unfortunately, it left me really wanting to read the sequel, which doesn't come out until August 2017. 😭
  3. Passenger
    I'm about halfway through this one (though it's been a week or more since I picked it up...). It's about time travel, but it's explaining the rules of the world a little too slowly for my taste (which would be REALLY hard on a teenager). By I do like that one of the protagonists is black, and that the author doesn't completely ignore those ramifications in a time travel story.
  4. The Legacy of Kings
    I've read maybe 10 pages of this? It's based on the story of Alexander the Great I believe. I really do want to read it, I swear.
  5. Then there was a trip to Half-Price Books to re-stock some necessities for my classroom:
    The thing about a classroom library is the best books tend to walk away. I don't get upset about it - hopefully the books find a good home.
  6. Eleanor & Park
    Read before - love this book. Very emotional, so I know lots of my students (particularly the girls) will love it.
  7. Mistborn
    I haven't read this yet, but I love his Steelheart series, and I have a lot of fantasy readers this year. But I'm planning on reading it myself ASAP.
  8. Confessions of a Murder Suspect
    I haven't read this yet either. Last year, I had an Honors student who wasn't really a reader who read it for a project and loved it. So that's a good rec in my book.
  9. Looking for Alaska
    I've read this before and hated it, tbh. But my kiddos love John Green, especially my Honors kids. So I keep his books around, and this one in particular is very popular.
  10. The Fault in Our Stars
    Another John Green, definitely his most well-known. I like this one alright, but he's still not my cup of tea as a writer. I do have a lot of respect for him as a person/celebrity, though.
  11. Touching Spirit Bear
    Read this, adore it. This is a book that can hook even my most reluctant of readers. I've been talking about it with my honors kids recently because it has examples of lots of different kinds of conflict. So now a lot of them are wanting to read it, and my copy is MIA.
  12. The Lightning Thief
    I've read this before, 10+ times. These are really fun and perfect for middle schoolers. My copy of the first one was also MIA, so I was just replacing it.
  13. I'm always open to new suggestions for my kids (and myself, let's be honest!).