1. Cops
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    This costume probably even worked better 2 years ago than it would today. Unless you're a Reno 911 type cop, Paul Blart, or that one cool cop who played basketball with the kids in New York, this costume carries some pretty heavy connotations with it that weren't as present in the 90's. Stay away from this costume if you want a night free of comments and questions intended to shame you.
  2. Bill Cosby
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    90's Bill Cosby was still a rapist, we just didn't know it. And since we didn't know it, the intentions behind the costume were all in good fun. Throw in a "Jell-O pudding pop," or a "Theo!" and you were the life of the party. Today I imagine the costume comes with small white pills and shoes that don't make sounds as you walk away.
  3. Jesse Camp
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    Who? Yeah, this one is purely because of relevance.