Halloween Costumes I've Actually Worn In Public

my lack of costume creativity/artistic capability, laziness, and general distaste for Halloween has led to the following results
  1. Grapes
    Forgot to buy balloons so Instead printed a stock photo of grapes, taped it to my stomach with visible scotch tape, wore green shirt and purple tights. Age 15.
  2. Highway to hell
    Yellow electric tape in dotted line pattern up my legs, red devil horns. Peeled off tape in 30 minutes. Age 18.
  3. Nudist on strike
    Stole this idea from my tennis coach. Age 16.
  4. Bill Cosby
    Black maternity sweater with rainbow-colored squiggle patterns that my mom wore when she was pregnant with me. And a name tag. Age 14.
  5. Miss Hot Chocolate
    A sandwich board (made of thick poster paper) cut into the shape of a teacup with cotton balls glued to the top as marshmallows. Age 11.
  6. Black cat
    Ages 5, 7, and 10