Note: I am currently ending my junior year of high school, so this will only cover three years worth of books.
  1. In Harm's Way
    Physically the most boring book ever written. I understand the importance of the situation, but the way it was written in this book is horrible. I feel like I'm reading the most detailed and boring Wikipedia article ever. -- Senior Year Modern World Civ.
  2. Brave New World
    Probably one of the most messed up books I have ever read IN MY LIFE. I read this in the Spring of my Sophomore year (2015) and hated it. I was also the only kid in my class that read it, and it just so happened that I was in the front row, so basically the 70 minute class period was just me having a discussion with my teacher.
  3. Romeo & Juliet
    Not gonna lie: didn't read this play. Thought it seemed boring and awful, and my freshmen English teacher got WAY too in to it, only making it much, much worse.
  4. Lord of the Flies
    Man, my high school's Sophomore Lit selections suck! LOTF was absolutely awful, but slightly better than Brave New World and Rome & Juliet. I always felt bad about Piggy...
  5. Night
    I definitely did not care for this book too much my freshmen year, because I found it rather depressing. Obviously, the message of the story is very important to study and learn about, however, I know a great deal about WWII and don't feel like reading more into it. I really would recommend it to people that are interested in learning more about life in the concentration camps.
  6. The Thief and the Dogs
    I found this book to be somewhat boring, but also kind of interesting and inspiring my Junior year. I don't necessarily care for some of the parts of it (like the ending), however, I do think that especially for the time, it sets a good message for how to live life. (I think - don't quote me on that.)
  7. Cry, The Beloved Country
    This book actually was not too bad of a read at 7:45 in the morning during my Junior year. I think while some of the themes in it are quite sad, the overall message of the book is quite a positive one.
  8. Cyrano de Bergerac
    I think it's kind of weird. (We just started reading it today.) -- update (about a year later) it was actually really good, so it got moved from 5 to 3!
  9. Of Mice and Men
    This was actually a really good book, and at the time when I read this book (freshmen year) the fact that it was so short seemed really appealing to me. I think it was actually a really great read! I always felt bad for then puppy...
  10. The Great Gatsby
    I had already read this book during my SSR time in my Winter Trimester Freshmen English class (2013), when I was assigned to read it in the Winter Tri of my Junior year (2015). I absolutely love this novel so, so much!! I think the new-ish 2013 movie does an excellent job of portraying the novel, but the book is EPIC and AMAZING. I love reading it and discussing it in class!