Oh my gosh what a time that was. I don't remember all the books I read in middle school, but here are the ones I DO remember. FYI- the numbers may be slightly off...just scroll down, it's in that order!
  1. Johnny Tremain
    I remember sitting in 6th grade English class bored out of my mind trying to read this book.
  2. Chinese Cinderella
    I remember finding this book to be so sad!! I definitely did not hate this book at all in 8th grade, and greatly enjoyed it, but I just found it to be very sad!
  3. To Kill A Mockingbird
    Definitely a middle school classic - TKAM was a decent book that at the time I read it in 8th grade, I didn't particularly care for it, but now I really see its importance and find it to be an enjoyable read.
  4. Detectives in Togas
    HAHAHA I just spent a good five minutes Google searching books about "kids in Ancient Rome" so I could hopefully figure out the name of this book. I thought this book was very funny and interesting!! The nostalgia I am feeling right now for 6th grade is insane!
  5. The Outsiders
    Another awesome book read in 7th grade English - The Outsiders, I feel, really changes you as a person. It really made me reconsider how I live my life. I think it is an excellent book that does a great job of shaping you as a person.
  6. The Giver
    I absolutely LOVED this book so much. I remember reading it and thinking all of these positive things about it. My 7th grade English teacher was telling my class how the school board wanted to ban it because of some of its controversial topics about reproduction (I went to a Catholic middle school), but she insisted its importance, and it truly was a great book to read. I highly recommend it.