Aka the best day of my life.
  1. Here I am waiting in line.
  2. Here I am again waiting in line.
  3. Here I am getting ready to meet her. Her team of people up there were SO super nice!
  4. She loved my poster.
  5. "This is legit." She said.
  6. *notices my shirt*
  7. *takes a picture of it and sends it to Austin North*
  8. Here she is listening to me tell her how awesome she is and how much she means to me.
  9. Getting ready for pictures like:
  10. She is soooo nice!!
  11. Here we are taking a picture together from far away.
  12. Here is one of the selfies we took together.
  13. And here's another.
  14. The day I met Olivia Holt will forever be one of the greatest days of my life.
  15. It was so worth driving 2 and a half hours to another state just to meet her. I honestly feel like we could be best friends. She's such a genuine person and she was so nice up there.