Have fun and ~explore~.
  1. This clipping from BuzzFeed is very relatable, because in my friend group I kind of handle everything.
  2. This is from someone I follow on Facebook, but I really just do not want to forget about this event.
  3. If this isn't EXACTLY how my life is in 10 years, I'm going to be so annoyed.
  4. This is a Snapchat I never sent to anyone, about how Urban Outfitters takes "vintage" things like this and overcharges them.
  5. This is a picture I took about an hour after I met Olivia Holt.
  6. This is because I truly am an Apathetic Pessimist. (humor.)
  7. I was watching "The Mindy Project" back in June 2015 and felt like taking a picture.
  8. Don't fall into guilt traps. Don't ever do it.
  9. This is a picture my friend sent me from her seat at the 1989 World Tour concert in Indy. I wish to god I could have been there.