1. I can't watch the first 10-20 minutes of any movie I've seen before.
    I don't know why, but I find if I've seen a movie before, the beginning of it is impossible for me to watch. I will watch it sometimes, but for the most part I skip about 10 minutes of it.
  2. I love photography and have a great respect for photographers.
    As of present, I love to take pictures all the time. My friends and family know that I am constantly snapping pictures with my phone or cameras. I love black and white photos, and love to apply B&W filters to my pictures.
  3. I enjoy reading classic novels, but can't read for too long.
    Some of my favorite books to read were actually written long before I was even born. I don't always understand everything that is said in the books, so I am always sure to look up my questions. I can't read for too long in one sitting, because I find myself getting too bored or distracted to continue.
  4. Some of my favorite T.V. Shows and Movies came from the 1950s and '60s.
    I love the 1955 movie "Rebel Without a Cause". I love "I Love Lucy", "The Lucy Show", "The Brady Bunch", "The Dick Van Dyke Show", as well as movies like the original "Yours, Mine & Ours".