1. OMG-it's raining! Praise be!
  2. OMG--did I roll up the windows on my car?!?!
  3. I'm sure I rolled up the windows. I will not let this thought win.
  4. I love the sound of rain! I am so happy it's finally raining!
  5. Seriously, are the windows down and am I going to get into a drenched car in the morning? Ugh!
  6. Nope! Nope! Nope! This thought will not beat my sleep.
  7. ARGH--where are my keys? Any pair of shoes?
  8. Holy Hell!!! It's really coming down out here and all my windows are rolled up. I knew it!
  9. I love the sound of rain on my vaulted ceilings. zzzzzzzzzz