Hi. Apparently this is my first list. And a recap of my year. Enjoy.
  1. Started out the year by hopping on a plane to ATL to see one of my best friends and go to Passion 2015.
  2. Applied, and got accepted to the college of my dreams. (#HILCIntake2016 amiright).
  3. We made an album.
  4. Saw/met my best friend(s). SAC/CA
  5. Snow. (!!!!) CON/NH
  6. Went back to ATL bc why not. Hiked. Ate vegan food. Got rained on. Saw a concert. Hiked some more. Messier marathon. Hilarity ensues. Lost sock. ATL/GA
  7. Went back to California bc why not (part 2). Went to Lake Tahoe again and fell asleep in random places because school+filming(get to that in a second)+travelling every weekend = not enough coffee in the world.
  8. Made a movie what. I keep forgetting this happened. #Privy.
  9. We released an album. Party.
  10. Same night - graduated high school. As if life wasn't crazy enough at the time.
  11. Elevation. And the #party that happened afterwards.
  12. #BR15 - the greatest two weeks of my life.
  13. #actualinternlife - aka the summer of no sleep and too much caffeine.
  14. We made (another) album. And a music video.
  15. Visa (and flights) booked to school WHOO
  16. New friends.
  17. More Sunday services. More hilarity ensued. More vocal cracks.
  18. JBIEBS.
  19. SURPRISE! We made (yet another) album. This time - it's Christmas.
  20. MORE SNOW.
  21. RRBCS more like "I didn't see my family for two months but I had the time of my life and wish we had more shows."
  22. More friends. More donuts. 21 days from OZ.
  23. 365/365. 2015, you've been good. So good.