Throughout my young life, I have been able to have some silly times with some drinks by my side
  1. First off, I got really trashed one time and some one took a picture of me and these two girls and it made it to the senior wall at school. Everyday I past the picture of my trashed while everyone ponders why I was so messed up
  2. It was spring break junior year. I had a few drink. I had shoes on. I ran to Home Depot and skipped around the outside of whole store. And tipped some plants. This story really isn't funny but I was really hammered so
  3. My boy threw a banger and I got blackout. I passed out on the stairs and woke up to me and three other people all on the stairs halfway down. I had been slowly sliding down. I walked home and passed out on my lawn for like 30 mins. It was weak
  4. Senior skip day. I got four loko wasted at approx 10:30 a.m. It was rough. I threw some punches at people. What can I say. I hate some people in high school
  5. Got twisted at the beach with the boys. A storm was about to hit and we decided to go in the water. I made sure I was close to the shore cause I was scared as shit. It started pouring and all I could think about was where was my beer. We tried to play wave crashers but didn't want to drown