As per HIPPA regulations, I cannot disclose the identity of any of these patients
  1. So you happen to stumble upon this Well here it is, my experiences throughout my first year in the profession.
  2. This call was an interesting one. So it was one, hot summer day and a call comes over for a seizure patient at the county jail. "Nice! Some action I thought". Little did I know I was going to have to wrestle a very flighty prisoner onto the backboard along side Sheriffs. I was fucked as I watched him wiggle he way out of his leg chains...and...
  3. Next one is one early morning, just as I walked into work. It was a call for stomach pain...but in reality it was a middle aged fellow with a deadly combo of highly infectious sexual and airborne diseases. We made sure to be careful if we had to stick him. ...we cleaned the hell out of the stretcher and ourselves
  4. I've deff. had my fair share of cardiac arrests. The worst was when I was doing cpr and the tube stuck down his throat was gurgling up his stomach contents every time I compressed.
  5. you made it this far. Nice!
  6. I've seen a nice stack in the back if you know what I mean. 😉
  7. Ask me about that one faithful morning several days before Christmas.