1. This is a picture of a PowerPoint slide from accounting. I was getting behind on my notes, so I pulled out my phone to take pictures for later. I never took these notes, and pictures of the whole lecture are still on my phone.
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  2. For some reason, the university cafeteria had this Mardi Gras photo op, so Mason and I capitalized.
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  3. A selfie of myself wearing someone else's Costa Del Mars. Didn't like the fit, also felt like a total douche wearing sunglasses with green lenses. Classic lose-win situation there.
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  4. This was taken from my usual phone charging location on spring break. Lovely view, had to get a picture.
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  5. At a Royals game with Caroline. Their hot dogs are good, but very over priced. I'll be eating before the game next time I go to Kauffman.
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