1. As Beyoncé once posited, "I'll be your sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare"
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  2. Dream catchers of various sizes and shapes to snatch up all kinds of nightmares
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  3. The rule of three
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  4. French Canadian hipster ESSENTIAL
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  5. Political statements
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  6. All things maple shrine
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  7. Um, porn?
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  8. Guys, I don't get it either
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  9. I would honestly still probably prefer to consume this over the real thing
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  10. A smaller little friend hidden by the doorway to hex you on your way out
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    I know the author of the faint text probably also meant PUSSY, but what if he/she literally meant PSY, artistic genius behind Gangnam Style? What if they've kidnapped him and this is their mark, their warning to the city and world at large? What THEN?