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  1. Obviously, Ron Swanson
    He would be my best friend. He reminds me of my dad, but not at all 😏
  2. Andy Dwyer
    Who wouldn't want to be friends with him? He's a disaster, the best kind of entertainment.
  3. Anne Perkins
    She just is the friend everyone needs. Always sees the bright side (could get annoying after awhile though)
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  1. The Name "Solomon"
    Sorry, it will always read as "Salmon"!
  2. Chicken Cacciatore
    Always always gonna come out as "Kitchen Chach-atore"
  3. Helicopter
    This one is bad, because my dad flies these, and I say it a lot, but it always comes out "heli-clopter", always. Why?!?
  4. La Croix
    Okay, actually I don't know how to pronounce this one. Is it "la "croy", la "qua" la "crox"?! Help a sister out!
  1. No one loves these boys as much as they love each other ❤️
  2. I'm pretty sure he's made of 100% CHEESE! 🧀
  3. I mean, C'MON! 😴
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AKA, why my husband is AWESOME!
  1. Obviously, free adjustments any time they are needed.
    Gardening all weekend? No problem. Husband to the rescue!
    Its like a high intensity massage tool. (not for that, pervs 😏). It's amazing for sore muscles
  3. Free massages
    I guess we have to pay our LMP, but they feel free to me 😝
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  1. With your two screaming kids, beads of sweat forming at your hairline, yelling threats at your children.
    I mean, we're a charming family, I promise. 🙄😒
  2. When you look like this
    Typically laundry day, so you are wearing your ugliest pair of sweats and have given exactly 0 F's about your appearance
  3. When they look like this
    Of course they look like a model, with perfectly coifed hair and outfit.
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  1. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey
    😭 they were serious #goals when I was like 18. *sigh*
  2. Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt
    Isn't everyone?!? It hurts too much to talk about
  3. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling
    But, but, but The Notebook 😫
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  1. Commas
    I LOVE COMMAS! And frequently overuse them
  2. Dry Shampoo
    It's only bad if you've used it more than two days in a row... And I always do 😉
  3. Ripping my finger nails
    Like biting, but tearing. I cannot help it. Done it all my life.
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For younger kids.
  1. 1.
    Litter Critter Books
    By Mercer Meyer. Great life lessons, short stories that hold my kid's attention span and I love the illustrations. Plus... Nostalgia!
  2. 2.
    On The Night You Were Born
    By Nancy Tillman. Such a great message for tiny hearts to hear ❤️
  3. 3.
    I love You Because You're You
    By Liza Baker. Everyone needs a reminder that someone loves them no matter their behavior and that they are loved simply because they are themselves.
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When money's tight and I suck at adulting
  1. Dinner at that one Chinese restaurant down the street because I'm too "tired" to cook
    I mean, our house is full of food, but obviously I need to spend more money to buy food that is already made and piping hot
  2. All the things in Target's Dollar Spot
    But but its only like $3 dollars (x10 because I bought every damn thing in there 🙄)
  3. A Venti Coffee (3x a week)
    I mean, it's only like $7 a day (😳) and I'm super tired and totally need it to survive 😏
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A short introduction of myself
  1. I'm Angela. 👋🏼
  2. I'm a mom to these cuties
    Eli, 4 | Cooper, 1.5
  3. Wifey to this hunky Dr. Dude
    Chiropractor by day, Hubby by night (and weekend)
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