7 Things I buy when I'm broke, that I probably shouldn't...

When money's tight and I suck at adulting
  1. Dinner at that one Chinese restaurant down the street because I'm too "tired" to cook
    I mean, our house is full of food, but obviously I need to spend more money to buy food that is already made and piping hot
  2. All the things in Target's Dollar Spot
    But but its only like $3 dollars (x10 because I bought every damn thing in there 🙄)
  3. A Venti Coffee (3x a week)
    I mean, it's only like $7 a day (😳) and I'm super tired and totally need it to survive 😏
  4. My kid a(nother) new pair of shoes
    Buuuuutttt summer is coming and he only has 12 pairs of shoes and only ONE pair of Sandals
  5. That one thing for my home that we've never had, but I've thought about it, and isn't essential to any part of our lives, but I MUST HAVE IT RIGHT NOW
    Obviously 😏
  6. A pet. Do we need a pet?
    They're cheap, right? 😂 here, let me drop $50 on tank supplies for this $.14 goldfish
    I need to go eat happy hour and buy at least 3 $15 drinks so I can bond with my friends, ok?!