People from Parks and Rec I would be friends with in real life, Ranked.

  1. Obviously, Ron Swanson
    He would be my best friend. He reminds me of my dad, but not at all 😏
  2. Andy Dwyer
    Who wouldn't want to be friends with him? He's a disaster, the best kind of entertainment.
  3. Anne Perkins
    She just is the friend everyone needs. Always sees the bright side (could get annoying after awhile though)
  4. Donna Meagle
    I would totally "treat yo' self" with her!
  5. Leslie Knope
    She's probably too into her job to make a new friend, and her neuroses would drive me batty, but I'd totally try and be her friend
  6. Ben Wyatt
    A little dull for me, but he seems like a good friend to go to for advice.
  7. Tom Haverford
    He's a little haywire for me, his irrational choices would stress me out, but his fashion choices and apartment are on point
  8. April Ludgate
    I just can't. She's too weird for me. But if Andy Dwyer likes her, MAYBE I could get on board
  9. Chris Traeger
    WHY IS HE ALWAYS SO HAPPY? he LITERALLY drives me crazy