AKA, why my husband is AWESOME!
  1. Obviously, free adjustments any time they are needed.
    Gardening all weekend? No problem. Husband to the rescue!
    Its like a high intensity massage tool. (not for that, pervs 😏). It's amazing for sore muscles
  3. Free massages
    I guess we have to pay our LMP, but they feel free to me 😝
  4. Free Medical Advice
    While he's not an MD, he did take just as much schooling and has probably studied more things than most MDs, so it's nice to be able to run simple things by him (especially with our kids) and not have to call their Dr. Every time!
  5. Lots of Swag
    Other physicians send gift baskets, he gets goodies at seminars, gets tickets to events from patients and gift from patients as well.
  6. So, if you are single, find yourself and available Chiro and SNATCH THEM UP!