1. With your two screaming kids, beads of sweat forming at your hairline, yelling threats at your children.
    I mean, we're a charming family, I promise. 🙄😒
  2. When you look like this
    Typically laundry day, so you are wearing your ugliest pair of sweats and have given exactly 0 F's about your appearance
  3. When they look like this
    Of course they look like a model, with perfectly coifed hair and outfit.
  4. When you need to get in and out of a place super quick and don't have time to talk to anyone
    Oh, hi 12th grade English teacher, yes, please do tell me every little detail of your life for the past 14 years.....
  5. When you're totally PMSing and your cart is full of chocolate, junk food and tampons
    I promise I eat vegetables sometimes 😣
  6. Right after some terrible thing has happened in your personal life
    And of course they are newly engaged, just bought a house or are traveling abroad next month
  7. Basically never when you are looking like this
    The times I do look good, of course I don't bump into anyone. Of course.